Are you ready!

We are happy to announce that the 12’HERO’s MEISTER ULTRAMAN will start shipping on January 29th!
A confirmation of the shipping date was sent by mail earlier this month so please check again that you have received it.

In the case you have not received it please send an email with your order number to the following email address to us 
Now on to the production version that just came in from the factory!

Let’s start by taking off the white sheet and getting a good look at the box.  

Package art was drawn by the original artist of the series Eiichi Shimizu specifically for this item.
Wrapped in high class matte black paper the box will fit the product perfectly  . 

Inside the box the first time you open it you should find the instruction sheet on top of the sponge sheet in the box.

We strongly urge the instructions on how to change batteries as well as how to use the various built in gimmicks are read once before touching the toy!!     

Please note that part of the instruction have been found to to contain mistaken information 

Information regarding this can be viewed through the link below  

Also the bag with the instruction sheets will have parts in them so be careful not to lose any when you open it.

Now lets move on to what everyone wants to see

The Ultraman Suit worn by Shinjiro Hayata is replicated as a 12inch large scale toy. 

Will come fully painted excluding a limited number of joints it will recreate faithfully the characteristic color pattern seen in the original design.   

As you can see the production version will look every bit as good as the hand painted prototype shown first when the item was available for pre-order.

Close up look at the head sculpt(Comics Vol1. kind of angle)
Metallic silver use looks great on the sharp edges that dominate the form.
The details on the eyes can be seen when you look at them at this distance.   


Has a nice profile from the side that you can't keep your eyes off.
The Specium Core which serves as this Ultramans version of the "Color Timer" has been replicated with blue clear part.

Take a look at the ultra-detailed back seen in the famous back shot
drawn for 1st episode of the comic series.

The beautiful lines on the lower back is something that can be seen only on powered suits. 
Make sure to admire the these details when it arrives. 


Markings such as the SSSP marking and logo will add reality to the item and bring a smile to any fan of the series. 


Arm and legs will also come with markings on them that we want everyone to check when they receive their product.   

Now let’s take a look at the various gimmicks built in 
The crotch joints can be pulled out to enable more range of motion
It can be posed in simple poses such as this....


As well as head kicks such as this!
Diecast has been used in the boot and it can be posed with some effort on one foot. 

Seiken Punch!
Range of motion in the chest and arm section allows for this type of beautiful posing so make sure to test it out when you get it.


The iconic fist slamming pose of a certain red colored metallic hero is also possible.
As you can see from the pictures will come with almost unheard of range of motion for a 12inch toy.

Now for the best gimmick on this toy 


The built in LED light up functions!!

Comes with built in LED's in the eyes, the Specium Core on the chest and the Specium unit seen on both arms
that will cane be lighted up when switched on!!
Product will come with pre-installed batteries that will allow you to test out this feature out of the box.
**Note extra batteries will need to be purchased by customers once the included batteries run out of power.     


Effect parts for the Specium Blade will also be in the box and the transparent blue material used will make it look like they are actually glowing
when they are used with the LED's in the arms.  

This pose seen with the prototype will also be possible without any support of any parts. 


A look at the Ultraman from the side.
The eyes are placed inside the head sculpt which will affect how it looks from various angles.
Part of the charm of our Ultraman is that you get a different look every time you look at it from a another angle.
This is possible not only because of the detailed original design by the artist but also because of the hard work the designer of the figure put in for this item.      

And last but not least will be....


Specium Beam!!
Personally I've made this pose numerous times with all of its prototype versions but I never get sick of doing this iconic pose.
It's always fun and cool no matter how many times you do it.
My opinion but you just won't find too many action figures at this size that will allow you to pose with the arms crossed beautifully like this.        

This lower angle will give it a totally different look. Note the gimmicks in the forearm that can be open as in the comics.
The combination of built in LED's and the gimmicks in the forearm will make it the closest thing to actually seeing a Specium Beam.   

Thanks for checking out my review of the 12’HERO’s MEISTER ULTRAMAN

My overall impression is that this is a high class product worthy of being the first product to be release from the GEN-TI-NEL PREMIUM ONLINE STORE.
We hope once it arrives that you can read the comics again and recreate your favorite scenes using our toy,

And a special update but we will be announcing and displaying the 2nd release from the "12’HERO’s MEISTER" series so if you are attending don't forget to
check out our booth at Wonderfest 2016 (Winter)!

See everyone soon!

Regarding Instruction Sheet of 12’HERO’s MEISTER ULTRAMAN 

We have found that part of the information on the instruction sheets for 12’HERO’s MEISTER ULTRAMAN was mistaken and would like to post the correct information here.

We would like to apologize for the inconcienience and ask for your understanding about this matter. 

The correct information will be as the bottom side of the picture below  

As mentioned we would like to apologize for any inconvenience
this may cause and would like to inform our fans that we have  introduced new checking standards that will prevent similar issues in the future.

Please contact us regarding any other questions you may have using the following mail address or Customer Service Form. 

Contact Info 
Email: support@gen-ti-nel.com
Customer Service Form: https://gen-ti-nel.com/contact/
Business Hours for Customer Service : 11:0013:0014:0017:00 (Japan Standard Time)
Note we will be off on Weekends and Holidays as well as during extended breaks such as Summer and Winter Breaks.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and hope for your continued support for our future products.


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